Issued: 2020 Aug 10 1230 UTC
Prepared by the U.S. Dept. of Commerce, NOAA, Space Weather Prediction Center
Solar Activity 24 hr summary
Solar activity remained at very low levels. Region 2770 (N23W12, Hsx/alpha) was quiet and stable over the period. No Earth-directed CMEs were observed in available coronagraph imagery.
Solar Activity Forecast
Solar activity is expected to remain at very low levels, with a slight chance for C-class flares, on 10-12 Aug.
Energetic Particle 24 hr summary
The greater than 2 MeV electron flux reached high levels with a peak flux of 2,503 pfu observed at 09/1800 UTC. The greater than 10 MeV proton flux remained at background levels.
Energetic Particle Forecast
The greater than 2 MeV electron flux is anticipated to reach high levels on 10-11 Aug and moderate levels by 12 Aug. The greater than 10 MeV proton flux is expected to remain at background levels for the forecast period.
Solar Wind 24 hr summary
Solar wind parameters, as measured by the DSCOVR spacecraft, reflected a nominal environment throughout the period. Total magnetic field strength was at or below 6 nT while the Bz component varied weakly between +5 to -3 nT. Solar wind speeds averaged about 340 km/s. The phi angle was oriented in a near steady positive solar sector throughout the period.
Solar Wind Forecast
Solar wind parameters are expected to remain at mostly nominal levels over 10-12 Aug.
Geospace 24 hr summary
The geomagnetic field was at quiet levels.
Geospace Forecast
The geomagnetic field is expected to be mostly quiet on 10-12 Aug under a mostly nominal solar wind regime.